With the rise in online ad spending, the first words that come to mind are either Facebook advertisements or Google Adwords targeting and placements. If you work for a B2B (business-to-business) organization, you should put your services out there for other businesses to benefit from and thrive.

LinkedIn Advertising is noted for its high-quality information and the possibility of professional networking. With over 2 million Malaysia’s most powerful businessmen active in the site as of early 2015, LinkedIn is the world’s largest corporate social network platform. Until now, LinkedIn’s potential to monetize has not been fully used by many companies.

Most of you, on the other hand, have probably pondered. What is the most effective way for you to promote your business? Which platform will allow you to have the most effective client interactions? What is the solution? LinkedIn. There are approximately 400 million active professionals on LinkedIn who you may directly target! Furthermore, LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B prospects generated through social media.

As a result, it’s only natural that you’d use LinkedIn to boost your ROI by using the power of social media marketing. It can eventually help you increase your sales and generate more leads, but only if you know how to take use of it.

So, how do you make the most of LinkedIn Ads in Malaysia to expand your business? Continue reading for tips on how to run a successful LinkedIn ad campaign in Malaysia.

What Are LinkedIn Ads And How Do They Work?

LinkedIn, as a social media network, takes a backseat to Facebook for most social media users. It is not widely used as a digital advertising platform in Malaysia by many corporations, groups, organizations, or individuals. That’s because LinkedIn is more of a B2B networking powerhouse than a social media site. The majority of LinkedIn users are business people, headhunters, freelancers, and companies looking for people to hire or work with.

When you’re considering running an ad on LinkedIn, keep in mind that the people who use the site have a business mindset. While users on Facebook and Instagram are there to pass the time during their breaks, LinkedIn users are looking for specific work-related content.

Malaysians, in particular, have a tendency to cling to what they know. As a result, Facebook and Instagram exist. The digital dilettante, on the other hand, thrives on the LinkedIn platform and marketing campaigns. This is why.

Why Are LinkedIn Ads Important For Your Malaysia Business?

1.Targeting Professionally

You can target job title, business name, industry and more with the option to target LinkedIn ads.

2.Decision Makers and Influencers

4 out of 5 business decisions are taken by members of LinkedIn. In other words, the purchasing power of LinkedIn is 2x more than the averaging Web audience.

3.Real and Legitimate Data

The users of the LinkedIn show their genuine professional profiles, making the targeting considerably more accurate and successful.

4.High Engagement

Advertising on LinkedIn for a Malaysian company can be more expensive than on other platforms. It is, however, worthwhile if you are serious about developing the correct connections. How do we justify paying up to eight times more for video advertisements on LinkedIn than on Facebook? The ROI for each ad-spend explains everything, especially when you consider that LinkedIn audiences have twice the spending power of those on other social media sites.

By targeting employees of LinkedIn working with big companies (or first party links), this is a key advantage for B2B networking. Also known for their intolerance of the brazen breaching of their internal rules are LinkedIn users as a platform.

They are a networking professional platform that seeks to network like people with similar minds, potential customers, smart employees and recruiters. In reality, LinkedIn is the type of motor that pushes skilled drivers. It focuses on the awareness, involvement and broad reach of brands, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Creating a LinkedIn Ad Campaign:

LinkedIn offers a great promotional tool for Malaysian professionals. LinkedIn has more than 187 million members worldwide and LinkedIn stated it has more than one million in Malaysia in November 2012. There is an advertising platform for LinkedIn. In other words, you establish ad settings, target market etc, and then you start to display your ad using the credit card straight through your website. The ad programme of LinkedIn will be loaded and displayed to target your members.

Check out this video on a LinkedIn Advertising Tutorial

Basic Ad Campaign Options

LinkedIn allows you to select from two different media types for your ads: basic and video. Two media kinds – Basic and Video: For text and picture advertisements, Basic is utilized. Clearly, video is employed for video commercials.

15 Distinct types of ads: You can build up to 15 different ads that can help you identify the most effective ads creatively if you use them correctly. You are advised to do so to enhance the performance of your ad. Try starting with a few modifications, so you do not produce too much work but also still enjoy the ability to evaluate performance.

A better CTR(Click Through Rate) suggests that people respond better to your ad than a lower CTR. Furthermore, if you have a good CTR, LinkedIn will show your ad.

Landing Profile: On your LinkedIn page or website, you can have the ad landing.

Target the Right Audience:

You must identify who your target audience is to each business owner. You have to examine several characteristics when deciding on your target audience, namely the enterprise, industry, employment, talents, gender or age.

How can I get the information? Well, test the facts from the past and determine which industries are most attractive to your business. Then try to identify the most effective groups to target from these statistics. When you know who you want to target, you may adjust your ad structure to the audience.

Targeting: Try not to focus too specifically, because it can sometimes reduce your reach and it can fail to connect with those who genuinely meet your marketing goals.

Location: The three options can be used to target users on a site: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, or Selangor. If you select Malaysia at the time of writing, the target audience is reduced to around 100,000 LinkedIn members (estimated).

Company: You can target by enterprise (write the name of a company on the LinkedIn network). You can also target the size of industry or enterprise. See picture underneath.

Job Title: Write the job title name and LinkedIn will try to fill auto members.
Job and/or seniority function: (One of the reasons behind this)

School: Schools: (self explanatory)

Competencies: Choose skills and try to connect them with the talents chosen by members.

Panel: (self explanatory)

Gender: Gender: (self explanatory)

Ages: Age: (self explanatory)

Choose the most suitable ad types and formats

On LinkedIn you can utilize three sorts of ads for your campaign. Content sponsored, mail-sponsored and text adverts are available.

  • Sponsored content is mainly used for guiding, building brand awareness and fostering partnerships. The content of the users’ feeds is sponsored directly.
  • InMail is used to customize and market interested audiences and this announcement is sent directly to the mailbox of users.
  • When text advertising functions, they pay per click and cost per impression on two payment alternatives. Text ads appear on the sidebar of LinkedIn and are fantastic for driving and driving impressions.

You can also choose the format that fits your audience once you’ve decided your ad kind. LinkedIn offers text, single picture, carousel, video, followers, spotlights and job advertisements in ad formats. By selecting the proper format and type for your campaign, you will make your target audience more attractive. Therefore, make sure you have a sensible choice.

1. Maintain it Short And Sweet:

Honestly, every day, nobody has a lot of time to read long posts on LinkedIn line by line. So, for sponsored Content links 150 or fewer character ads work best.

Make sure you have a short but condensed message within your marketing. This will help make your announcements apparent to the audience.

2. Search the right goals:

You know which area to focus on by choosing the correct goals for the campaign.

With LinkedIn ads, you can pursue numerous objectives, such as engagement and website visits. Business owners must therefore decide on the correct goal to work with and customize their marketing accordingly.

3. Test your ads

LinkedIn has made the most crucial thing for companies to test and optimize their adverts.

Run numerous headline variations, creative, action and graphic calls. Then watch the performance of your adverts and constantly optimize them to succeed!

4. Insert Call for action Button

People look at your ad so fast that you have to catch their attention and engage the member immediately. Make members of the LinkedIn.

How To Improve Your Ads

There are no tough and rapid rules to churn out THE BEST LinkedIn advertising first. The ROI differs between industries. The good news is that you may optimize publicity efforts to aid you with the lowest ad payout to achieve the desired target market. Company LinkedIn pages actually have visitor/follower profiles access. It is extremely apparent in the Admin View area. Here you have access to your LinkedIn company profile’s ‘Analytics’ and ‘Activity’ to illustrate your progress. It gives you a clear view of the type of visitors you receive by using the data obtained from your Google Analytics and LinkedIn Insights.

You will concentrate on that if you want to enhance your LinkedIn ads. The goal is to find out who is the target market for you, what you are interested in and how your business, industry or market is trending. A/B tests assist you to narrow the type of LinkedIn ads that you place. Are you targeting business leaders, policymakers or corporate heads? If it doesn’t work, ask yourself why and continue to adjust things. The posting of LinkedIn adverts on other social media sites is without a shadow of any doubt more costly. However, most B2B marketers feel that the ROI for marketing LinkedIn advertising is superior.

LinkedIn enables you to construct and save your audience profile so that future ad campaigns will save you time. You also can use your own information to customize ad campaigns and save them as ‘Compatible audience.’ The corresponding audience profile helps you to scale the return campaign, email contacts and account-based targeting. Another remarkable tool for companies is the Linkedin Sponsored InMail option that allows tailored messages to be sent in a matter of minutes to the relevant audience. These guidelines are focused, targeted and suitable for your business.

Ad Campaign Options

1. Select Payment based on CPC or CPM:

Choose CPC or CPM-based payment: Choose a CPC (cost per click) or CPM payment option (cost per thousand impressions). Impressions essentially mean how often the ad appears on a page. LinkedIn proposes a quote in the amount of US$ 2.01 (~RM6.00), for the sole purpose of targeting the Malaysian market or US$ 2.01 (~RM6.00), for each print. It is advisable to place your offer inside or above the suggested range, or your ad may fight to place itself against competing ad offers.

2. Minimum Budget:

The daily budget is determined here. The budget is a minimum of US $10 per day (~RM30.00). Once LinkedIn has reached that daily limit, your budget will ensure that it stops showing your ad so that additional charges will not be paid for that day.

3. Convert your data into contacts:

You can instal a widget on your website under this option. Then if you click on your ad and on your website, a bar will appear at the top of the web page telling ad clickers to contact you. This is a terrific appeal to assist transforms that click into a conversion.

4. Choose a Campaign period:

For your campaign duration, LinkedIn offers two possibilities. The first choice is to run your ad continually, therefore you have to stop the ad campaign manually if you don’t want to do it any more. The second option is to choose an end date, and LinkedIn will terminate the campaign automatically as you have chosen.

Payment Options:
Credit card information: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are available for payment.

5. Talk to a marketing company for your ads.

Marketing specialists can assist you with analyzing your market and demographic profiles, rather than tackling who to target, what sort of ad copywriting you want to employ, scanning images, recruiting graphic designers, and scheduling your Linkedin advertisements.

We separate the data so that ‘cold’ is checked out and leads to targets. Thus, you are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer or already want your Linkedin adverts. In comparison with both Google adwords and Facebook ads, LinkedIn advertisements tend to provide greater rates for clicking through.

Final Thoughts

Would you like to open up a professional audience and access more than 450M active members? You may advertise your brand in a professional environment with LinkedIn. The advertising opportunities of LinkedIn would allow companies of all sizes to reach a pool of professionals. You can promote your brand using LinkedIn, raise awareness and build guidance.

Use the exclusive professional focusing of LinkedIn, or your own personal data from your first or third parties, to approach your clients in a systematic manner.


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