Social media is a platform that is being utilised not only by common users but also by businesses that are interested in engaging their marketable activities. Especially here in Malaysia, social media has channelled a lot of benefits from a marketing perspective, this is because:

  • The increasing number of social media users in Malaysia
  • It is proven that social media marketing works best to attract Malaysian customers social media

Why Social Media Marketing works in Malaysia

  • Malaysia was ranked top 5 in the world and the highest in Southeast Asia (SEA) for social media penetration
  • Malaysia presents a good opportunity for online businesses as 75% of the internet users spend their money through e-commerce
  • The average daily time spent using social media is reported close to 3 hours
  • The average daily time spent using the internet via any device is 8 hours
  • The total number of active social media user is 25 million

Below is the most active social media platforms:

  1. Youtube (93%)
  2. Whatsapp (91%)
  3. Facebook (91%)
  4. Instagram (70%)
  5. FB Messenger (64%)
  6. WeChat (47%)
  7. Twitter (44%)
  8. LinkedIn (29%)
  9. Skype (26%)
  10. Pinterest (25%)
  11. Line (22%)
  12. Snapchat (21%)
  13. Tumblr (20%)
  14. Reddit (16%)
  15. Twitch (14%)
  16. Sina Weibo (13%)

Social Media Statistics in Malaysia

1. The total advertising audience (monthly active users)

Social Media Total Audience (Monthly active users)
Facebook 24 Million
Instagram 12 Million
Twitter 2.63 Million
Snapchat 1.65 Million

2. The quarterly change in the total advertising audience

> Facebook increases by 4.3%
> Instagram remains stagnant
> Twitter increases by 4.2%
> Snapchat remains stagnant

3.Social Media audience profile

> 25 to 34-year-old users are the largest demographic of social media users on all platforms

4. Facebook audience overview

> Number of people that Facebook reports can be reached with adverts is 24 million
> Percentage of adults aged 13 and above that can be reached with adverts is 98%

5. Instagram audience overview

> Number of people that Instagram reports can be reached with adverts is 12 Million
> Percentage of adults aged 13 and above that can be reached with adverts is 49%

6. Twitter audience overview

> Number of people that Twitter reports can be reached with adverts is 2.63 million
> Percentage of adults aged 13 and above can be reached with adverts is 11%

7. Snapchat audience overview

> Number of people that Snapchat reports can be reached with adverts is 1.65 million
> Percentage of adults aged 13 and above can be reached with adverts is 6.7%

How Social Media has changed?

1.The use of Artificial Intelligence

The advancement of technology today has led businesses to use platforms like Google and social media to advertise their products and brands. The complex algorithms that are used in the system can turn into good results of successful marketing. The businesses have to invest extra money to make sure the marketing strategies run smoothly according to the targets.

2. The growth of micro-influencers on social media

Social media influencers play an important role in driving sales and branding presence online. There are many top influencers in Malaysia alone that accept payment in return of advertisement exposure on their accounts. Micro-influencers are social media users that have a larger follower count and they are expected to have a better connection with the audience.

3. Updated content

The contents that are posted on social media are up-to-date and often can be seen in sight for a short time. This is because the audience only gets attracted to postings that follow the current trend and virality. Creativity plays an important part to assure the marketing strategies work.

4. Social media advertising isn’t that cheap

With social media being an effective marketing platform, advertising costs fr social media become higher. Different brands will begin to compete with each other and see whose marketing campaigns hit the targetted audience. This is why a proper plan and details regarding the campaign has to be tabled out first before carrying out the plan. If there’s a lot of money spent but the strategy didn’t work, everything will be wasted.

5. Know who is your targeted audience

For an effective social media campaign, you need to know which audience you want to get. This depends on the brand you’re trying to advertise and the product you want people to notice. You have to make a research on the demographics as each social media platform has different user backgrounds: age, sex and interests. You cannot simply advertise your products blindly on all platforms; that shows you don’t have a specific plan on whom you wish to target.

How does social media marketing help in Malaysia businesses?

a.Massive audience engagement

Social media engagement can bring good leads for B2B and B2C businesses. The advertisements can simply reach the targetted audience if the campaign is done right. Once the audience started to interact, successful leads will convert to revenues.

b.Convenient customer support

Since social media works 100% online, customer support can be given anytime and anywhere. Customers can reach out to the business owner easily without going to the physical store. Good customer support or service gives out a positive image to the business.

c.Increase in website traffic

A successful campaign can bring a lot of audiences, and this automatically drives highly-engaged traffic on social media.

What are the important aspects to look at for Facebook marketing?

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type of device used
  • Location
  • Interests

Tips: If you hire a credible social media agency, they will be able to assist you in carrying out good social media campaigns for your products. They will lay down the possible options related to your business and what you wish to achieve through social media marketing.

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