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Why Do You Need Malaysia SEO Services For Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential facet of any marketing campaign. Many companies in Malaysia spend a good deal of time and money designing the best possible website and digital marketing strategy only to discover that, without SEO marketing, nobody ever sees it on Google search engine result page (SERP).

The main goal for us to deliver successfull SEO solutions is to ensure that you get as many eyes on your website as possible. By improving your Google search ranking and getting you on its 1st page, you’ll find that not only do you get more views—you get views from higher-quality customers who are already interested in your service or product. This directly contributes to a higher website traffic, conversion rate, increased sales, and higher revenue.

While it’s possible to work with international or overseas companies, SEO works best when you work with someone who understands the local market you operate in. If you know how the locals think, you’re much more likely to attract them if you take their interests and culture into account. At Marketing Signal Lab, we’re your neighbours, and that’s what makes us the best digital marketing agency for SEO in Malaysia.

Type of Search Engine Optimisation services

Each customer is different and has different needs. No matter what type of Search Engine Optimisation services you're looking for, we specifically tailor our services to you.

Local SEO Malaysia

Research has shown that 97% of customers look for local businesses first and that around 25% of these are converted into customers. By developing a local SEO strategy incorporating competitive analysis, store locator optimization, and localized content, we can help you grow your local business.  P.S We have helped hundreds of companies ranked in the 1st page of Google Malaysia & increase organic web traffic!

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International SEO

If you’re aiming to work in the global market, you need an international strategy. We can help you develop both your local and international presence by generating a recursive keyword research strategy that relies on context instead of keyword stuffing that will help you rise through both the international and local SEO rankings

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Ecommerce SEO

More and more people prefer to do their shopping online. If you want to take advantage of the competitive e-commerce space, you need to take the extra steps to stand out from the crowd. We can help you with every aspect of e-commerce, from helping you build your platform to creating content to drive your business and strategic technology consulting. P.S For Ecommerce niche, we would suggest you to rank for your product image in Google which will increase your website presence indirectly.

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Technical SEO

 A successful SEO strategy focuses more than only keywords and backlinks. Sometimes you need to perform an in depth SEO analysis on your website's architecture to ensure that Google can properly crawl and index your site. Our company has ample SEO knowledge perform an SEO audit for your site, identify and rectify any issues that arise, giving you an almost instant boost to your rankings. 

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We work with numerous content providers to ensure that you have quality content that establishes you as an industry leader in your field.

Google’s algorithm has progressed far beyond simple keyword stuffing. If you want to be rated highly, you need to have the best content possible. 

SEO Process

We have a specialised workflow that considers all facets of SEO to produce the best organic search engine results imaginable. The first step of our process is always to discuss expectations and requirements with the client. We feel that we need to understand you and your business to get the perspective of what you want and what we can really do for you.

We will then conduct an exhaustive SEO audit of your current website to prioritise our process. We’ll tackle the urgent issues first and then, tweak everything else until you’re satisfied with the results. All of these aspects of SEO need to work together to give you the best ranking for your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword optimization has changed dramatically from the early days of SEO. Now, SEO keywords require much more research to get maximum results. We don’t focus on keyword density, as Google has started penalizing keyword stuffing. Instead, we will develop a sound strategy for using a variety of related keywords to drive traffic to your site without compromising on the quality of your content.

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On Page Optimization

How your website is designed can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings in Google search engine results pages. Is your site mobile-friendly? Does it load quickly? Do you have the tools to measure your website's performance effectively? These are the three aspects concerning On Page SEO. Many websites are badly designed, which leads to inefficient crawling by Google’s spider bots, which in turn leads to decreased rankings.  

We conduct a thorough investigation of your site and identify issues that may be holding you back. We’ll address these issues as well as continue to maintain your website to ensure peak performance at all times.

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Link Building

Links are the best way to improve your reputation in your industry. Google values organisations that create original content created by authoritative sources. There are many different link types, the most valuable being inbound links. An inbound link is a link from another site that links to your site. It’s a great way of establishing authority and rising in Google’s rankings—if the links are from quality sites.

Building inbound links can be very difficult, so let us handle it for you. We’ll be able to generate reputable links from authoritative sources that you’ll be proud of.

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Reporting and Analysis

The Malaysia Search engine optimization field is constantly changing, and what works today isn't necessarily what works tomorrow. We use a wide variety of reporting and analytical tools such as Google Analytics to get an accurate representation of your website's SEO performance. By reviewing various aspects, such as content, link building structure, and even trust, we’re able to provide you with a comprehensive picture of what’s working and what isn’t. 

 This leads to an iterative process that allows us to quickly adapt to the changing SEO markets and take advantage of our industry-leading position to leverage these changes to your advantage. 


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What’s the secret to ranking #1 in Google Malaysia?

SEO is a hotly debated topic in marketing circles, largely because Google keeps its method for ranking web pages a secret. This causes many agencies to try to position themselves as gurus who can crack the secret code of SEO.

However, what we’ve found is that as long as you follow proper practices, you will quickly see the results of a solid SEO strategy without the need for complex theories or elaborated marketing strategies.

Our SEO experts are committed to device and execute a successful SEO campaign that fulfils your particular needs and that you’ll be able to understand and implement for years to come.

SEO Case Study


Organic traffic had increased from 26,400 users to 69,000 users by 161.37%!


Organic traffic had increased from 1,650 users to 23,174 users by 1304%!


Organic traffic had increased from nowhere to 500 users within 4 months!

Pharmaceutical Niche

Organic traffic had increased from nowhere to 748 users within 4 months!

Discover the Proven SEO Marketing Strategy That Generates More Sales

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is SEO Service?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is a practice to increase the number of visitors and performance to a website. It is done to secure top placements in the search results page like Google so that organic search can be improved. The service is often hired by a business that uses a website to build an online presence.

How much does SEO cost in Malaysia?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is a practice to increase the number of visitors (web traffic) and performance to a website. It is done to secure top placements in major search engines results pages like Google to gain organic search results. The service is often outsource by a business that uses a website to build an online presence.

Can Anyone Learn To Do SEO?

Yes, anyone can learn how to perform a search engine optimization on their own, and there is a wealth of information not the internet that can guide you along.

How Much Does SEO Services Malaysia Cost?

The cost of google SEO services depends on what is included in the package and the type of project request to be executed by the expert. In average per hour, the charges are ranged between $80 and $130 while for a monthly rate, it falls between RM3,000 and RM6,000.

What is Search engine optimization in marketing?

SEO applies tactics, techniques and strategies on how to boost up the number of visitors coming to the website. It is a digital marketing strategy to obtain a high-ranking placement in the search result page. SEO makes the website easy to categorise, to find and to crawl.

How Does Google Search Work?

Google follows the 3 basic steps to generate results from web pages: crawling, indexing, and service (ranking).

What is SEO Malaysia Campaign?

SEO is a campaign initiated by Marketing Signal Lab, whereby our SEO specialists optimise and improve the content, design and technical aspects of your website to help it appear in Google search results. When your website is well-optimised and structured for Google, your business will become more visible to your target audience and to people who search for what you offer.

What Is The Difference Between SEO and SEM?

SEO is all about optimising your website to acquire higher rankings in the organic search engine results while SEM covers much more than SEO. SEM involves other techniques that can earn you website traffic from search engines such as paid advertisement (PPC advertising).

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the very practice of enhancing web pages in order to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. On page optimisation typically includes optimising the content, editing the source code, overall website design, improving the website speed, and UI/UX.

What Is Off-Page SEO

Off page optimization is a technique whereby you improve the SEO outside of your website. This involves creating high-quality backlinks, backlinks velocity, as well as backlink audit. Apart from that, social signals from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are considered good places for off page optimization.

What Makes the Best SEO Company?

The best SEO company Malaysia is the one that understands precisely what you want and align with customer needs to implement and execute the most appropriate SEO campaign that can help you achieve your objectives. The SEO services company also need to demonstrate the results they deliver.

How Long Is The SEO Process?

The amount of time required to rank keywords in the 1st page of Google boils down to a variety of factors. Long tail and less competitive keywords are able to rank faster than competitive and short tail keywords. Generally, SEO is a long-term plan, and gauging the trajectory of SEO’s key performance indicators: overall organic exposure, organic website traffic, and organic conversions is the most suitable approach to track overall success. On average, it takes up to 6-12 months to see significant SEO results.

Who Will Work On My SEO Campaign?

Marketing Signal Lab is a group of SEO experts who are responsible for run-ing your campaign and ensuring that the campaign is on track.

Why is SEO Malaysia important for Your Business in 2023?

SEO is all about making a credible impression for internet users on how they can trust the relevance of their search. Users inquire and rely highly on search engines, so the results that appear will be deemed reliable. SEO and user experience are related to one another as it leads to success in business.

Is SEO Services Worth Investing In?

Yes. Organic website traffic is the most paramount source of website visitors for many businesses. Moreover, organic traffic serves a high conversion rate, converting visitors into leads and sales. Our SEO agency Malaysia geared on generating leads by ensuring that your website is well-optimised for the right prospects or search intents.

To yield the best results, every SEO plan includes proper goal configuration, mostly reporting and access to our clients dashboard where you can track your digital marketing campaigns.

Last Updated: 20 March 2023

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