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Everything SMEs need to know about financial reporting

Financing reporting involves a set of data pulled from various aspects of a company to give a full and fair disclosure of the company’s health.  It is a legal requirement for listed companies for tax purposes and also used to maintain transparency among the...

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Facebook Advertising Cost & Pricing in Malaysia

What Facebook Ads is all about? Facebook was initially established to target a college audience, but the platform's user base now begins at the minimum age of 13 and extends to all other generations of different ages. Back then the least popular group would those who...

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How Much Does SEO cost in Malaysia [2021 Guide]

SEO is an investment for your company. It helps increases your online exposure, creates brand recognition and boosts rankings across search engines. ‘How much does SEO cost’ is always a tricky question. True costs and future ROI of an SEO project at its start are...

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Website Design Malaysia Price [2021 Updated]

When you are ready to start a website, you first have to consider certain factors before hiring a web design company. Website design price in Malaysia ranges from cheap to costly, and it's vital to know for what you are paying. In this guide, you’ll learn about web...

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Invoicing Software in Malaysia

An invoice is made when a product or service is rendered. It is the first step before you are being paid. In the past, invoices are typically issued physically when physical cash is received. Today, with many transactions happening online, it is important to have an...

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Pay Per Click in Malaysia – Everything You Need to Know

What is Pay Per Click? Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model which allows marketers to position ads on an ad platform and pay the platform's host whenever their ad is clicked. The aim of a PPC advertisement is to lead the viewing person to click through the...

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