In essence, a healthy and consistent web traffic is the backbone to many businesses, making SEO audit malaysia a highly demanded expertise in the market. Whilst most websites have a seemingly potential growth, there exists varying factors as to why their traffic supply and exposure are hindered. Studies have revealed that 68% of online experiences usually begin with a search engine, and 53% of web traffic is contributed by organic search. Having said that, only the remaining 0.78% of searchers will opt for results on the second page of Google. Stunted web traffic indicates the absence of websites on SERPs’ front page. 

SEO audit malaysia has since become a main practice and priority for marketers in terms of inbound marketing. An SEO audit done well can easily bring a website to the top of user search results thus improving its return on investment (ROI). Mastering SEO however, is not an overnight success. From on-page to off-page SEO, copy, content, and technical SEO, there are plenty to work on.

Opting for SEO audit malaysia allows business owners to yield positive results out of your website. It may seem impossible to rank for high conversion keywords, but a search engine optimization audit done well can easily lay the first stone. 

What Does SEO Audit Malaysia Do And Why Is It Important? 

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Let’s dive in. 

SEO audit malaysia meticulously evaluate the performance of a website in terms of its search engine result page (SERP) in comparison to its rivals. The motive here is to identify the underlying factors as to why the website isn’t ranking for specific keywords or worse, invisible in the SERP. In result, SEO audit services aid in better optimizing specific areas till optimal results are attained. 

Search engines in general, are established to provide you with valuable and practical suggestions to queries including technical SEO issues, website structure issues, On and Off-page issues, content gaps and opportunities, and many more. It functions as a “health check” for your website. The value of a content or website is hence measured by how much it complies with these healthy guidelines. Imagine a piece of amazingly-crafted content that has only been read by a few due to stunted traffic supply and exposure. It is better to work ten times harder on your SEO audit rather than putting good content to waste. It deserves to be set in the forefront!

Amazing Tools For SEO Audit Process 

seo audit malaysia

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  • SEMrush for keyword and competitors analysis
  • Ahref for keyword and competitors analysis
  • Moz for domain analysis and backlink analysis
  • Pi Datametrics for in-depth competitors analysis
  • Screaming frog and Deep crawl for site crawling
  • Marketmuse for content analysis
  • Logflare + Data studio for log analysis
  • Other tools and chrome extensions (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Structured Data Testing Tool) for schema, GMB, and Js crawling.

SEO Audit Services 

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SEO audit malaysia encompasses varying checks each targeting a specific aspect of the website. The various types of audits are segregated into the following dimensions : 

  • On-Page SEO Audit
  • Off-Page SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • SEO Content Marketing Audit

1) On-Page SEO Audit

On-page SEO audit may come across as slightly insufficient in allowing marketers to decipher the bigger picture. If done right nonetheless, it can create all the difference. The elements of on-page audit to determine if a website is optimized are as follows : 

  • Website structure
  • Content quality
  • Responsiveness
  • SEO title and meta data
  • Url structure
  • Redirections
  • Keyword density
  • Your Money Your Life (YMYL)
  • Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthy (E-A-T)

2) Off-Page SEO Audit 

This dimension of SEO audit allows marketers to dive deeper into the picture, particularly on elements that aren’t directly implemented on a website. One of the primary motives to performing off-page SEO audit is to implement linking strategies. This provides the website with a greater opportunity to rank for high volume or conversion keywords that are fairly competitive. The following are some key areas : 

Backlink analysis helps to comprehend the type of backlink profiles that are linked to a website together with the link placement. To put this into perspective, for backlink acquisition, SEO audit recommends how authoritative websites can obtain backlinks naturally.

3) Technical SEO Audit 

Technical SEO audit is in charge of uncovering all existing technical issues on a website. While we already know how off-page factors impact website ranking; technical SEO audit focuses on the following components : 

  • Overall website structure
  • Crawlability or Indexability 
  • Crawl Depth
  • AMP
  • Structured Data
  • Sitemaps
  • Robot.txt
  • SSL

Different types of websites warrant the focus on different technical components.

4) SEO Content Marketing Audit

The king of every website, content, content, and content! I can’t stress this enough. A quality content is capable of generating leads and boosting conversions, without a thought. SEO content marketing audit steps in to maximize results out of quality content by offering guidance toward a topical content creation approach. This provides websites with the momentum needed for growth. 

The Actionable 10-Step SEO Audit Checklist 

If you are working toward higher Google rankings, this checklist is your holy grail. 

Step 1 : Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly 

seo audit malaysia

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Regardless of what you are thinking, mobile SEO is equally important and merits a lot of your attention. This is because most of Google searches come from mobile devices (60%), and that Google has introduced their Mobile-First Algorithm. This indicates that the mobile version of your site is now used by Google for both mobile and desktop searches. 

Through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, you can find out whether your site can be optimised for mobile devices on Google. 

Step 2 : Ensure Only ONE Version of Your Site Is Browseable 

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First and foremost, check to see if only one version of your site browseable. Think about all possible ways someone could type your website address into a brower. To exemplify,,,,, etc. Only one out of all the aforementioned should be accessible in a browser whereas the others should be 301 redirected to the canonical version. Test this with other URLs on your site to ensure that the 301 redirects are implemented correctly. Make this step a priority. 

Recommendation : There is a slight ranking boost for SSL enabled sites, hence ideal to use https:// (www or non-www). 

Step 3 : Speed Up Your Site

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It’s time to clear unnecessary HTML code off your site! With PageSpeed insights, you can easily identify problems concerning your code. Aside from analysing your homepage, try to test popular pages from your sites, for instance, blog posts, service pages, category pages, and so on. Run a speed test afterwards to see what is slowing down your website. Lastly, remember to compress your images.

Step 4 : Look for “Zombie Pages” and Delete Them

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Type out on Google and you can easily find out the number of pages Google has indexed for you. If the number is high,  “Zombie Pages” are the culprit. These are basically extra pages that hinder your site’s organic traffic. More content doesn’t necessarily make your website better. Start deleting them. 

Step 5 : Identify and Solve Indexing Issues 

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Here is where you look for non-indexed pages. Google Search Console is a good helping hand for that matter. The “Index Coverage” report provides you with a list of non-indexed pages and their respective reasons.

To double check, you may opt for Screaming Frog. Make sure pages that are meant to be blocked are blocked, throw in a noindex tag.

Step 6 : Take A Closer Look Into Your Organic Traffic

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To see how much organic traffic you are receiving, head over to Google Analytics. Simply follow these baby steps : 

Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels, hit “Organic Search”, then set the dates to 6-8 months back.

With all these steps combined, you can see the number of visitors from search engines, and whether your organic traffic is trending in the right path. Quick worrying if your traffic has depleted because this is where SEO audit malaysia plays its role. 

Step 7 : Enhance Your On-Page SEO 

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On-page SEO is extremely important. First of all, list down your top 5 most important pages, and optimize them by following these 5 handpicked strategies : 

  • Include keywords in title tags
  • Include keywords in the first 100 words
  • Incorporate 5+ external links and 5+ internal links
  • Utilise LSI keywords

Step 8 : Establish Keyword Rank Tracking 

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You can now proceed by tracking your rankings in the SERPs. You may opt for tools like SEMrush, it is easily one of the best rank tracking tools out there as it automatically searches keywords you are ranking for. 

Step 9 : Analyse Your Backlinks 

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Backlinks remain just as significant due to their correlation with rankings, which is generally better than any other factor. You may use a backlink analysis tool like Majestic SEO or Moz Pro to analyse your backlink profile. Take a look at your referring domains and domain authority. This helps explain the level of authority your site holds, based on the quantity and quality of your backlinks, of course. 

Also, keep an eye on toxic links, or a link profile consisting of spammy anchor text. Though it is normal, you may want to start disavowing those links if the number is getting overwhelming. 

Step 10 : Fix Broken Links

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Finally, fix up links that are broken! Broken links can hinder user experience and your site’s SEO. Start by looking for broken pages on your site that are non-indexed. Next, use a tool like Ahrefs to find broken internal and external links. 

Now you are basically good to go!

Taking A Step Forward

To sum things up, SEO audit malaysia is an important part of digital marketing when it comes to stimulating the growth of your business, and making it healthier and stronger as it should be. To establish a profitable business in the digital age, it requires expertise. 

In addition to that, a professional SEO expert in Malaysia like Marketing Signal Lab provides websites and businesses with an excellent push to boost exposure and facilitate growth. We all require a little helping hand to attain the unimaginable. Give your business the exposure it deserves today!

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