What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing, short-form platform that enables users to make and share videos of 15 seconds on any subject for up to 5 minutes.

The Chinese market app, known as Duyin, has over 300 million active monthly users, TikTok claims. Musical.ly and the Duyin logos combine the new app logo.

Some of you may know about a Musical.ly app. Musical.ly has been a successful video streaming and share application for 15 seconds, with over 100 million users, up to August 2018. This software enabled users to lip synchronize and create humorous or amusing movies with a variety of music and speech.

The app became famous among certain content makers based on their dedicated material on Musical.ly. The app was quite popular. On social media sites like Instagram, the users posted Musical.ly videos which further boosted app popularity.

However, in August 2018, a Chinese firm ByteDance took over the application and transferred its users to Tik Tok. All content and accounts on Musical.ly were translated seamlessly to the new Tik Tok application.

How is it different from Musical.ly?

The TikTok app relies on a similar short-form video idea, but its reach is considerably wider and different from music. Musical.ly just concentrates on music lip-syncing.

A vast variety of sound and music samples can be found in the TikTok app and various effects and filters may be added. The possibility of adding videos made on your phone is now available immediately. TikTok also adds a digital well-being function to warn users of spending more than two hours in the app.

The new software is marketed as a social network for video sharing. TikTok users may produce a range of videos from challenges to movies and humorous videos. TikTok users can create these. Musical.ly and Tik Tok provides a much wider scope for video production as the main distinguishing element.

The globe was taken by storm now by TikTok. But it’s not just a place to hang with the cool children. Even companies just received a piece of that traffic from TikTok. Why you’re wondering? The viral nature of TikTok videos is mainly the reason.

There is no doubt that if you are trying to gain the most views on your material, that’s one of the finest venues. And creative activity is also encouraged, in particular, while trying to produce a TikTok viral video.

In Malaysia, the public started warming to TikTok’s subtleties and participated enthusiastically.

Tik Tok is usually targeted at women under the age of 30 in Malaysia. On the platform, an average Malaysian spends approximately 22,6 trillion video footage each month. Discuss the possible marketing.

But who should follow? Who? What is popular today in TikTok Creators?

Read on to find out!

Top 15 Famous TikTok Video Creators in Malaysia to Follow Right Now!

TikTok is no less active in Malaysia, with a total number of nearly four million users.

Many influences on the website are now accumulating likers, followers, and fans constantly. “TikTok Viral” And you may wish to collaborate with a few of those people to increase your awareness of traffic and brand.

So here is a list that you too may follow of the renowned Malaysian TikTokers!

1. Jeff Yuman

Jeff Yuman has 3.9M followers on TikTok. He mainly does funny and comedy-based videos with fun facts skits. Jeff has gained over 106.8M likes thus far on TikTok. He has also been verified by TikTok officially.

TikTok ID: @jeffyuman

2. Puspa Wafiy

Puspa Wafiy is the number one supporter with 1.6 million. This 2019 TiktokAllStar endorsement accumulated a big number thanks mostly to her and her husband’s humorous videos. One of her great movies is the parody of the 7 Hari Mencintaiku2, a popular drama that has been shared on social media platforms not only on TicTok but by many people. In Malaysia, Puspa is a beauty contributor as well as producing cool films.

TikTok ID: @puspawangirauza

3. Bajilah

Next on the list is @bajilah_ to date with 1.1 million followers. Bajilah also has her own beauty brand, Aisycake. A beauty influencer. However, in addition to producing TikTok videos which promote its business, it also documents its everyday life, mostly as a mother and wife. She attracted the public’s attention from TikTok Malaysia with her narrative material regarding parenting, being a wife, and being Malaysian in general.

TikTok ID: @bajilah

4. Steven Ang

Steven Ang is number four on this list of TikTok viral influencers. It’s little surprise that this modest man is among the top three, most famous for his hilarious comedy skits, parody videos, and superhuman trick shots. He has a million video views on TikTok, just because they are so amusing and distinctive. Today, Steven has used his creative energy to produce very memorable and humorous advertising films for large companies seeking to collaborate with an influencer.

TikTok ID: @steven_ang

5. Khairul Aming

Very well known for his cooking videos on Twitter, Khairul Aming has a huge fan following not only due to his cooking videos but also for his very famous sambal nyet berapi that he sells. Khairul has 940.2K followers on TikTok with a verified account. We can be seeing him very soon on the 1M list!

TikTok ID: @khairulaming


6. Ahmad Akid

Akiddos is 1.1 million, for his sweet and blubbery movies. The viral Malaysian sensation TikTok, also called Ahmad Akid, makes his movies of Tik Tok with friends and family. He’ll have a great time. Sometimes he also parodies sequences from popular drama series, recreates other TikTok viral videos, and demonstrates his song and lip-syncing skills.

TikTok ID: @akiddos

7. SonicWebs

Known well by Malaysians for his funny recreations of school memories, sonic webs has 1M followers on TikTok. He has a huge fan base ranging from all races because everyone can strongly relate to his videos.

TikTok ID: @sonicwebs

8. Pavetraa Reddy

Pavetraa Reddy is next on the list, the air hostess and the Malaysian viral TikTok sensation. Its material focuses on her life as a member of the flight crew and on her everyday life as a Malaysian. Furthermore, she creates parodies with perfect precision of renowned Tamil film sequences. These videos continue to proliferate after her. Pavetraa also influences Shopee for one of her latest videos, also collaborating for an online sales platform.

TikTok ID: @pavetraa

9. Ah Moi (VIEW)

@sherminehauahmoi_oe is one of the Tik Tok Malaysia viral stars listed below. This fashion queen has her own brand, VIEW, which is known for being a Malaysian record holder for organic use on her social platform. But she’s not just promoting her business, she’s doing this in a hilarious way. Even her other videos illuminate “Malaysian tings” every day. Your 800.2k supporters continue to come with their antics for a daily dose of fun.

TikTok ID: @sherminehauahmoi_oe

10. VIEWChin

Chin is the creator of the fashion company VIEW and surprise, surprise, the spouse from @sherminehauahmoi oe another Malaysian record holder on this list. Chin also promotes their common fashion brand, VIEW, and produces funny films that focus on Malaysians’ daily life. His 1,7 million followers can prove his upsetting and hysterical material as they continue to return for more.

TikTok ID @viewchin_oe

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11. Dr. Sandra Raman

Pretty and elegant-looking Dr. Sandra is on this list as well! Dr. Sandra has gained attention and love from Malaysians for her immense knowledge sharing on health and wellness-related things. The Dr residing in Langkawi speaks fluent Malay, English, and Tamil and does content based on health Q&A’s as well. Dr. Sandra has 608.2k followers on TikTok at this point.

TikTok ID: @drsandramd

12. Ceddy Or Not

Ceddy is a food blogger and a reviewer on TikTok. He does cafe hopping, trying out various types of food in KL specifically. Ceddy has garnered 170k followers in a very quick span of time because of his humble and funny way of reviewing!

TikTok ID:@ceddyornot

13. Batrisyia

Another Malaysian topping this list is Batrisyia. She creates funny and humorous videos centering around the lives of everyday Malaysians and POVs. Batrisyia has a real unique sense of humour and she certainly has secured a place in TikTok Malaysia

TikTok ID:@applekwumble

14. Kristin

Kristin is a food content creator in Malaysia. She creates content mainly on vegan food. Her TikTok account currently has 421.8k followers. Kristin also promotes veganism and she shows recipes on how to make that healthy vegan food so go follow her if you want a diet change!

TikTok ID:@eatwkriss

15. Audrey

Audrey, better known on Tik Tok as @4feet9, is last but not least. Like youthful influencers, their TikTok material likewise focuses on their everyday lives with a splash of cameras. Her most recent film is about entrepreneurial challenges while locked down – when she co-founded a coworker area with her husband Colony, showing us all that even the celebrities face a pandemic, just like us, normally. For their daily dosage, she and her general “female problems” often return their 7103 followers. Audrey, we’re feeling you.

TikTok ID: @4feet9

Final Thoughts

So, what is next? TikTok videos are the trendy new thing, and like any craze, they are a useful instrument to promote your future generation, regardless of how large or little your enterprise is.

You may collaborate with Malaysian Tik Tokers, which will become the instruments for future marketing – influencers to increase traffic or rather, start establishing your own Tik Tok Virus account for your company.

It is a fantastic method to promote your products and business in front of more people to work with popular influence on the app. The use of the strong suit of the influencer and the kinds of videos they produce is another method to build a powerful marketing campaign for the TikTok influence.

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