Google Ads Pricing Malaysia is part of Google Ads. It is an online advertising platform owned and operated by Google for you to promote your business products and services on. The question here is, how much does this service cost?

You might attribute the fees you spent for Google Ads to other advertising channels, for instance, a radio spot costs the same regardless of your industry, or, billboards along the highway cost the same whether you are a cosmetologist or trader. 

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t work that way for Google AdWords Pricing Malaysia. Instead of having fixed costs, Adwords function more like an auction marketplace. Google Ads is providing you with website visitors, those are the commodities. Your costs depend on your industry rather than the channel per se.

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How Does Google AdWords Function? 

Before we dive deeper into Google AdWords pricing, it is important to know how this platform works. 

Easily put, it functions similar to an auction. The ad auction begins when users enter a search query, after which Google pinpoints if the query comprises keywords that advertisers are currently bidding. 

Suppose there is, the ad auction begins. The objective here is to determine the Ad ranking by looking at the inclusion and placement of ads according to what it is called the Ad Rank formula, which is based on the maximum bid and the quality score

google adwords pricing malaysia

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Once both factors are calculated by Google Adwords Cost Per Click calculator, the data obtained will determine the price you need to pay each time users click on one of your ads.

How Much are You Charged for a Click on Google Ads? 

It really depends. You might think that your ads are being invested in Adwords, but in actuality, you are spending on Google Ads’ mini-markets. To exemplify, each set of your keywords features its price and factors for you to take into account. 

The same thing goes when you bid for clicks or website visitors in Google, you are not actually bidding for the same clicks as everybody else across the globe. Rather, you are merely bidding on the clicks pertaining to yourself and your competitors. 

While Google Ads functions as a keyword auction site, identifying a budget will intertwine with the cost of the keywords you are bidding on. Suppose a large number of advertisers are bidding high on a particular keyword, the bid for that keyword will undoubtedly be higher than the others hence raising your budget. Again, it varies across industries. 

On average, the cost for a click ranges from RM4 to RM10 on Google Search network. Certain new niches may require lower costs whereas more established businesses might call for higher CPC averages.

How Much Should You Spend on Google AdWords?

There is no minimum budget you should allocate for Google Ads; however, it is almost impossible to benefit from a RM 10 or RM20 daily budget. It is simply unrealistic. 

The platform is not designed to provide results out of a small budget. If we compare this to conventional advertising methods, it is like buying a small section text-based ad in newspapers. If you obtain any results, then you proceed to buy a bigger full-page ad. 

The concept that the small, low-priced ad has to generate results in order for you to buy a bigger, more expensive, and efficient ad is terribly flawed. The more expensive something is, especially in terms of an auction, the higher value it should have ideally. 

Recommended Budget You Should Allocate 

Again, depending on the industry you are in, your objectives, niche, we typically recommend a starting budget of RM4,000 to RM40,000 per month.

The more you are equipped with resources to build and optimise Google Ads campaigns, the higher your starting budget will be. 

If you are a beginner to Google Ads, you should go for a lower budget which is still considerably competitive. If you are a veteran nevertheless, aim for a higher budget.

The more you increase your spending, the more clicks you will obtain. Subsequently, more data for you to work on. It is the data that is valuable. 

Big Investment vs Small Investment 

One major mistake made is to invest in a minimal budget with the intention of increasing it gradually. Suppose you opt for a minor investment of RM50,000 a year, logically speaking, there is not much for you to gain. 

Instead, try utilising the same RM50,000 and invest them in a single quarter of RM12,500 per month, you would most likely receive a shorter time frame to evaluate if an advertising channel is working for you, and the ability to compete equally with your competitors. 

Taking industries such as financial services, pest control, and roofing as examples; on average, their keywords will range from RM10 to RM120. Therefore, a Google AdWords pricing Malaysia of RM4,000 per campaign wouldn’t generate much results monthly.

Don’t mistake Google Ads as non-functional when the truth is that you are just lacking the right information for proper set-up.

How to Determine Google AdWords Pricing Malaysia 

Assuming your CPC costs and budgets correspond with upper-funnel keywords, expect a little bit of confusion here. In general, upper-funnel keywords are significantly cheaper because they do not display buying intent. As you dive deeper into the funnel and closer to purchasing intent, there will be differences. 

The right set of keywords will help you attract prospective customers, and for the record, they are more expensive than the rest. 

If you are a tutoring centre, never opt for the keyword tutoring, instead, bid on keywords that are more precise with higher intent. Some of these Google AdWords examples are : 

  • Tutoring centre Sunway
  • SPM maths tutoring
  • English tutor price 

These keywords call for a higher Google AdWords pricing Malaysia because they are in great demand and are more competitive. Keywords are popular when they are associated with a higher ROI. 

Cost Per Click, Keywords with a Buying Intention & Informational Keywords 

Let’s say you are a local tutoring centre situated in Sunway. The first set of keywords should represent keywords that are usually used in search queries to discover more information: 

  • Tutoring = CPC RM13.56
  • Price for SPM tutoring = CPC RM9.15
  • SPM tutoring centre = CPC RM 10.03

Simultaneously, for keywords with a higher intent, their CPC will increase by 1,000%.

  • Tutoring centre Sunway = CPC RM51.34
  • Price for SPM tutoring Sunway = CPC RM51.97
  • SPM tutoring centre Sunway = CPC RM54.78

That explains why it is extremely important to associate your CPC budget with the right set of keywords. 

Note that Google AdWords Pricing Malaysia will vary based on your Quality Score, Geographical Targeting, Ad Position.

The Most Expensive Keywords with the Highest Google AdWords Pricing Malaysia

The most expensive keyword categories ever in Google AdWords are listed as follows : 

  1. Insurance – RM230.54
  2. Loans – RM185.91
  3. Mortgage – RM197.83
  4. Attorney – RM197.62
  5. Credit – RM151.40
  6. Lawyer – RM 178.48
  7. Donate – RM176.42
  8. Degree – RM170.50
  9. Hosting – RM133.97
  10. Claim – RM191.07

Note that they are not actually keywords, but keyword categories. Typically, the CPCs of keywords within these categories may be higher than the averages given.

Is Google Adwords an Investment or Expense?

One of the biggest concerns amongst beginner advertisers is Google AdWords pricing Malaysia. The majority is worried about whether it will cut into their profits. 

It is a common phenomenon for advertisers to deem it as an expense. With that being said, you shouldn’t perceive it as something that will rob you off of your revenue. Rather, treat it as an investment that brings you income. 

One effective method for you to see it this way is to track your investment, and evaluate it. Some examples of how to do so are : 

  • Conversion tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Transaction tracking
  • Lead from tracking
  • Call tracking

(source : Washington REALTORS)

Bottom Line

There are a myriad of factors that determine Google AdWords pricing Malaysia, which varies from one industry to another. Calculating your costs using the right set of keywords is the backbone to a successful ad campaign. 

If you want to know if it constitutes a good investment, it surely is if you have a business that is flourishing. Though you ought to pay, the impact it brings is indeed, balanced with your sales. One thing you must know is that almost any type of business can excel on AdWords works. If you aren’t entirely certain how to kick start on this, fret not because MSL has a team of experts to assist you in engaging, enticing, and experimenting with prospects, and provide your business with the best service possible which maximises Google AdWords benefits.

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