What Is Corporate SEO

You may be familiar with conventional SEO practices, but corporate SEO requires a different approach which necessitates a much more targeted approach. Corporate SEO is being rethought in favour of something more aggressive and competitive. Utilizing the correct corporate or enterprise SEO practice, your company’s online presence may be optimised for high-volume, high-competition keywords. Short-tail vs long-tail keywords are usually the emphasis.

Corporate  enterprise SEO is not only meant for larger size enterprises, but also equally applicable to smaller enterprises. When you approach SEO from a corporate perspective, you are essentially attempting to solve the stakeholder issue of optimising not only the forward-facing content for your customer, but for all levels of the corporation. Typically, corporate SEO works with major corporations with a huge web presence and a large number of workers that need content optimization. While volume is the primary factor here, the demands of various businesses and product lines are all affected.

Scale is a recurring topic in corporate SEO practice in Malaysia, no matter how you define it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the brand, the website, or the traffic. As a result, we’ll discuss in this article both the difficulties encountered by corporate SEO and the advantages of working with a corporate quality SEO service to assist you in overcoming these difficulties.

The Challenges of Corporate SEO in Malaysia

Whether you are still in the early stage of your business venture or already an established business in the industry, there are always challenges when it comes to corporate SEO.

i) Corporate Environment

SEO may be disregarded in larger corporations because of their intense rivalry among several departments for few resources.

Many multinational corporations are characterised by their extensive, intricate organisational structures that span many different departments and jurisdictions throughout the world. To put it another way, this implies that there will be a lot more than one team vying for attention. SEO is sometimes disregarded in the struggle for scarce resources.

Enterprise business is a for-profit company whose primary goal is to generate profit. But SEO’s ROI is notoriously tough to verify, therefore proving the worth of the channel inside an organisation that is focused on profitability may be a major struggle.

As a consequence, adding SEO suggestions to the development pipeline and then moving them up the priority list with all of the other things from all of the other teams may be a lengthy and tough process.

As a result, enterprise SEOs must be able to negotiate corporate politics, interact effectively with stakeholders, and persuade others to support SEO efforts. If you want stakeholders and decision-makers to pay attention to your roadmap priorities, you need to know who is making the choices and how to gather data that offers a compelling narrative.

 ii)  Scale of the website

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The difficulties you have as a result of your website’s size are directly related to it. As a result, the larger the site, the more difficult it is to get SEO correct, and this is true even for smaller websites.

In addition to optimising content, links and metadata, enterprise SEO adds the additional complication of size. Changes may be made page-by-page in a small business, but on a large company’s site, you’ll need permission to make any changes at all plus a mechanism to distribute those changes across hundreds of thousands or millions of pages.

When we talk about the size of a website, we’re really talking about the number of domains that fall under the main company’s roof.

In order to work with massive datasets, you’ll need certain talents, regardless of whether you’re managing a single major website or a slew of smaller ones. A site with more than a million URLs can’t rely on Excel’s 1 million row restriction to analyse its data.

As a result, you’ll want more sophisticated technologies and faster methods for gathering and analysing this volume of data. We’ll go through a few strategies for doing this later on in the tutorial.

Benefits of a Corporate-Caliber SEO Provider

Corporate SEO practices and campaigns demand a level of skill and complexity that no other company can match. It is important for corporate SEO practices to merge seamlessly with the work of company’s different departments, including n  IT, conventional marketing, branding, and product development teams. We can also save you money by lowering the number of employees you require. Having SharpNet on your side will make you a more effective team player. All of your online communications and digital media will function better as a result of the information we share with them.

A seasoned corporate SEO agency will be familiar with enterprise-level planning and campaign execution across all organic marketing components; from technical infrastructure and audience search and social habits to content generation, promotion, and measurement.

Best Corporate SEO Practices

i) Improve Your Conversion Rates by Using Long-Tail keywords

To begin with, the purpose of a keyword strategy isn’t to identify the highest-ranking terms, but rather to determine an appropriate striking distance. In the early launch of a business SEO campaign, certain keywords are already over-saturated and difficult to penetrate. Instead, focus on long-tail keywords that are more specific to your niche.

A more focused search is made possible by using long-tail keywords, which enable search engines to zero in on the most relevant material. In order for business organisations to reach the precise niche market groups they had in mind for certain characteristics or goods highlighted in their online content, they must deliberately target more specific keywords or phrases.

Keyword research should be guided by what makes a firm relevant to customers and what they require. Customers want to see a company’s sector knowledge in search results that are tailored to their unique requirements, and this is especially true for major corporations.

ii) Don’t be afraid of the data

Newcomers to corporate SEO may discover their keywords and then stick with them for the rest of their careers. Unfortunately, that’s likely to be a short-lived tactic in the long run. Search engine results may shift in a matter of days due to changes in code, algorithms, and the SEO efforts of competitors.

The goal of a search engine is to provide the best possible service to its users. The purpose of SEO for a large corporation is to make the information it produces helpful to both users and search engines. As a consequence, digital analytics, website results, page speed, web development, keyword success, and other metrics will become an important part of marketing research on a weekly basis, if not daily.


Starting a complete SEO plan at any point in time is never a bad idea. If a business is lagging behind, they might engage an SEO firm that is appropriate for their size.

When it comes to corporate SEO in 2023, there will still be a few executives who aren’t aware of the value of search rankings and keyword utilisation.

It’s time to put the actual outcomes of corporate SEO techniques to work for your organisation with the help of data and the many tools and advice above. If you need more insightful tips, feel more to refer to the video below:

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