As a business owner, you know that a POS system is a crucial part of your business. It can help you keep track of your inventory, customers, and sales.

But with so many POS system options on the market, how do you know which one is right for your business?

When choosing a POS system for your business, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But with so many great options on the market, you’re sure to find a perfect system for your business.

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use system for your retail business or a more robust system for your restaurant, we’ve got you covered.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best POS system options in Malaysia.

best post systems malaysia

What does a POS System Do?

When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of things you need to keep track of. From inventory to sales to customers, it can be a lot to manage. But one of the most important things to track is your finances.

After all, without proper financial management, your business can quickly become a mess.

That’s where a POS system comes in. A POS system, or Point of Sale system, is a crucial tool for any business. It allows you to keep track of your sales, customers, and finances all in one place.

It also gives you the ability to track inventory levels and track sales history so that you know when certain items sell better than others.

Some POS systems also include more advanced features such as customer loyalty tracking, gift card processing, and integrated accounting.

Cloud POS VS Traditional POS: What’s The Difference?

Before we delve into the differences, let’s explore the meaning of Cloud-based POS.

Companies have been exploiting the term “Cloud” and while many people are familiar with it, few understand what it truly means.

Fundamentally, “Cloud” is just a fancier term for “Internet”. Your Cloud-based system is an Internet-based system. It really is as simple as that.

Having said that, below are some key differences between a Cloud and Traditional POS system in Malaysia.

a) Access to Data

When your data is stored on the Cloud, it is stored in physical servers that are connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can retrieve your data anywhere and anytime you fancy.

This allows you to access your data via your mobile devices or desktop once it’s uploaded onto the Cloud, and you should be able to monitor that data on the go or remotely.

Traditional POS systems, on the other hand, do not offer the same functionality.

All data keyed into a traditional POS system is only stored within that particular system, and if anything were to happen to it, all your efforts will be in vain.

b) Setup

Setting up a Cloud system is so much simpler than doing so a traditional system. Though both require hardware like cash drawers, scanners and printers, everything Cloud POS system needs is usually just plug-and-play whereas a traditional hardware calls for a professional to set it up.

Updates are automatically applied on Cloud POS which makes things very convenient.

Should you require an update for your traditional POS system, we wish you the best of luck. You’ll most likely need to manually update it yourself or seek professional help.

c) System

Integrating new features or modules to your traditional POS system is ever more difficult. In fact, you’re considered lucky if you’re able to update those POS units. Manufacturers need to ensure that their outdated software is compatible with the latest modules, and that’s often a challenge considering new modules aren’t meant to work with older systems.

If you opt for Cloud-based systems, brand new features are automatically incorporated to your system every update; and if hardware is necessary, it’s only a matter of plug-and-play.

d) Subscription Pricing

In terms of price, Cloud POS providers usually charge a subscription fee whereas some traditional POS providers might just charge a one-time fee.

Though some traditional options are cheaper, we think the benefits of Cloud POS far outweighs any gains from the price difference.

e) Internet Dependency

A cloud based POS system needs an internet connection to run, while its traditional counterpart can operate just fine with or without the internet.

This might seem like a problem amongst Cloud POS systems, especially if you’re using an ISP that’s downtime-prone. Nevertheless, most Cloud services are aware of this problem, and have taken measures to combat it.

Essentially, most Cloud POS units can operate just fine without the internet. It’ll function as a normal POS, and automatically sync the data to the backend once there is internet connectivity, making it a reliable POS system solution.

How Much Does a Good POS System Cost?

A POS system in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia can cost you anywhere from RM100 to RM400, an online version being more expensive than an offline one. Next, the cost of POS hardware often differs amongst product types and brands. Say, a basic 15” POS monitor is priced around RM1000 while a barcode scanner and cash drawer are priced around RM100 and RM150, respectively.

The price of a full POS sale system that is inclusive of both hardware and software can easily exceed RM2300.

Alternatively, business owners can opt to rent POS system software, hardware, or even both instead of purchasing. The fee for renting one typically costs around RM100 per day.

11 Best POS System Malaysia 2023 For Retail Businesses and E Commerce

1. Eurosolve Business Intelligence (EBI)

EBI POS is an all-in-one, easy-to-use package and the perfect solution for businesses to keep track of their appointments, commissions and marketing efforts, manage their attendance and analyze their business data.

EBI-POS comprises a system of interconnected hardware and software designed to streamline your business operations.

Furthermore, use EBI-POS inventory management to link all products with a code rather than just price tags.

You’ll have greater visibility into your stock and be able to keep your inventory accurate and running efficiently.

Users can subscribe to this service via three different packages according to their business needs.

The Basic package only consists of the regular transaction interface and stock management feature. Meanwhile, the Centred package includes the features in the basic package with the Commission tool and finally the

The Advance package boosts all the features the EBI POS has to offer.

Customer Review:

“Totally in love with their Beauty POS system, especially the multi-level commission scheme which ease my life. Highly recommended this POS system to all of you.”

“Great POS System. Very user friendly and easy to manage your


Price:       Basic Package   –    RM 98/Monthly

               Centered Package   –    RM 148/Monthly

               Advance Package:   – RM 248/Monthly


Contact:  +6 03 4288 6773 / +60 16 282 1836


Address: No 11 & 11-1, Jalan Wawasan 3, Taman Sri Merdeka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia


It would be a crime not to include this free POS software.

Who wouldn’t want free software, right?

This leading POS provider features an interactive smart menu that allows customers to browse foods and beverages easily and share their recommendations on social media—making it the best restaurant POS system there is.

With QR-code order takings, customers can scan a code on their table and pick their desired items without waiting for a waiter. This makes ordering and payments more efficient.

POSERVA makes accounting easy with its one-click export feature for accounting software like Auto Count or SQL Accounting. With just a few clicks, you can get your sales data exported and ready for accounting.

Besides, POSERVA’s seamless cloud storage ensures that your data is always backed up and safe. With automatic backup on the safeguarded cloud, you don’t need to worry about manual maintenance. Simply log in and forget; they take care of everything.

Price:         Free


Contact:    +6 018-220 3338


Address:  Unit 05, Level 16, Tower A Vertical Business Suite, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3. POS Market

POS Market is an all-exclusive POS software for businesses. Its services encompass cash transactions, receipt printing, employees’ attendance, inventory controls, and many more.

Catering for different types of establishments from retail to food & beverages (F&B) and even specialty stores, POS Market has the perfect system for your business.

Boasting a multitude of features, services, hardware and software, POS Market is a pioneering POS provider, making their product one of the best POS systems in Malaysia.

Price:         POS System Bundles – RM2,399 to RM3,999


Contact:    +60 3-2780 3880


Address:  No. B, 2-7, Kuchai Exchange, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4. Genius POS System

If you’re looking for a POS System Malaysia iPad that’ll increase your team’s efficiency and productivity, look no further than Genius. Its POS System uses an iPad that caters for food businesses. Boasting strong and productive mobile POS, it’s one of the best POS systems for restaurant in Malaysia.

Genius POS System aspires to simplify the operations of restaurants, through their powerful features (employee management, table management, time-based menu, etc), user-friendly interface, and reasonable rates—this is truly one of the most secure and easiest POS sale systems your business can rely on.

Price:         Contact them for more information here.


Contact:   +60 11-3527 3919


Address:  5, Tingkat 1 Lorong Alma Jaya 1/1, Taman Sri Rozhan 14000 Bukit Mertajam

5. Red Zone

Red Zone was initially established in 2005. Its mission is to make an impact on how sales were conducted and how people received their pay.

Today, Red Zone possesses one of the largest catalogue selection for SQL accounting software, iPad POS system, touch screen monitors, POS terminals, barcode printers and other POS equipment alike.

Being one of the best POS systems in Malaysia, Red Zone delivers a full-fledged solution so rest assured it has everything you’re looking for.

Price:        FOC to RM 3,998


Contact:   +60 3-6731 4440


Address:  2-1-2, Jalan 7/40, Taman Pusat Kepong, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6. Leverse POS

F&B, POS System Malaysia

Leverse Technology SDN BHD is a leading provider of POS hardware and IOT stores in Malaysia. They are powered by the mission to provide only sublime customer service.

With their aspiration in becoming the greatest SME software services provider in SEA, Leverse POS have successfully expanded their capabilities and services back when they first started in 2011. They began reselling POS systems back in 2014 and have since then become a POS Peripherals Exporter up until today.

They are a team of passionate experts who are honest and transparent in everything they do and for each client in order to establish a long-term, meaningful relationship with them.

Suppose you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for a POS system, look no further than Leverse POS courtesy of their friendly and eagerly accommodating staff who will go the extra mile to satisfy your queries and concerns.

Price:        Contact them for more details on pricing here.


Contact:   +60 18 4747100/ +60 19 4247100



Northern Office – No.1, Tingkat, 1, Lebuh Pekaka 1, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Central Office – B-21-1, No. 8, Jalan A, Off Jalan Puchong, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, WP KL, Malaysia

7. IRS Software

Built in 2022, IRS Software has been a popular POS system with 30,000 clients and over 100 dealers all over Malaysia.

Being one of the best POS systems in the nation, IRS Software prides themselves as a unique development company that goes above and beyond even in international markets.

From retail to restaurant to other establishments, IRS Software strives to provide bespoke,  efficient solutions for their clients that work for their businesses.

Price:       Find out more about their products and services here.


Contact:  +60 3-8066 4988


Address:  No, 16, Jln Puteri 7/15, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

8. Marvelsoft Solutions

Marvelsoft Solutions first started back in 2003. Today, they offer POS products sales, support and service to their clients. Their main goal is to increase efficiency, improve customer service, raise profit and eliminate errors.

Being one of the best providers of POS systems in Malaysia, they currently boast more than 300 partner shops and support service centres all over the world. Furthermore, they’ve also gained the trust of big, reputable brands such as Apple and My Pharmacy courtesy of their knowledge in POS systems.

Price:       Check out their products and services here.


Contact:  +6016 718 8402/ +6012 710 8593


Address:  6, Jalan Gaya 24, Taman Gaya, 81800, Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia

9. NEO Info Tech System Sdn Bhd


Also referred to as NIT, Neo Info Tech is recognised as one of the best POS providers in all of Malaysia thanks to their consistency when it comes to delivering their promises which they’ve made ever since they started.

Their first promise is to develop a user-friendly software—something pretty evident in the 3 types of POS Systems they offer (Tablet POS, All-In-One POS, and Modular POS). This is then followed by exceptional customer service, which they’ve achieved by maintaining an open communication and paying attention to clients’ concerns as well as addressing them accordingly.

Price:       Check out their pricing here.


Contact:  +60163361142/ +60162161142/ +60167021142/ ​+60164171142


Address:  D-3A-52 IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor.

10. Dinesoft Sdn Bhd


A restaurant business is tough to manage as is, more so if you don’t have a decent point of sales system that’ll help you manage things. If you need an extensive POS system that will provide you with more than one solution, then Dinesoft is your best choice.

They offer free trials where you’ll be able to experience everything that their POS system has to offer, including but not limited to a loyalty member module, inventory module, tablet ordering system, and cashier terminal POS system.

Price:       Find out more about their pricing here.


Contact:  +60 3-3358 8696/ +60 12-5177 166


Address:  Blcok F1, Jalan PJU 1/42, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

11. StoreHub

best post systems Malaysia

StoreHub is a rapidly expanding technology company in Southeast Asia, supporting over 15,000 businesses. It has an “Order & Pay at Table” solution that can automate the entire ordering & payment process.

This is extremely important since it’s all automated; you will require less staff to do those jobs, and you can shift your focus on giving an extremely positive customer service experience.

Besides, this sleek retail POS system also produces actionable, data-driven insights for you to leverage to make better business decisions.

It features an intuitive UI and is user-friendly even for those without prior experience with POS systems, and you can learn how to use it in under an hour.

If you are in need of a POS System for your restaurants or café, StoreHub is the best possible solution ever.

 Customer Review:

“I love the convenience of Beep QR – I can order and pay in less than 5 minutes (really easy to go Dutch, and not having to deal with confused or slow waiters). So far, it’s been a straightforward and seamless experience. And I do notice improvements to the app every now and then. It feels good to know that it’s evolving according to customer needs”

Price:       RM59/Monthly


Contact:  +60392126688


Address:  Level 7, KYM Tower, 8, Jalan PJU 7/6, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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